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Smart Gloves for iPhone/iPad/Android for just $12.99! ($30 Value) by DealSurf.com
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Deal expired on 2012/02/29


Stay Warm AND Connected:  iPhone/iPad/Android Smart Gloves For Just $12.99! ($30 Value)


How many times has this happened to you?  It’s a cold winter night and you’re outside, bundled up in your heavy coat, hat, scarf, and gloves.  Your iPhone rings in your pocket.  You have a choice:  Brave the harsh cold and risk numbing your fingers to answer your phone, or ignore the call and keep your hands warm and cozy in your gloves.  Now there’s another way.  Our iPhone/iPad/Android Smart Gloves are specially designed for use with touch screen devices, so you can answer your phone, text, or listen to music without freezing your fingers.  They’re stylish, comfy, and today they’re only $12.99! 

They’re perfect for texting while you wait for the bus, Tweeting while you’re at the game, or answering a call while you’re working out.  They also make a great gift for any gadget-loving guy or girl.  So order yours now and stop ignoring your calls just to keep warm. Your mom will thank you.



DealSurf Store


  • Shipped within 48 Hours
  • Compatible with any touch screen device.
  • Warm, stylish gloves made with special conductive fiber that allows you to use your iPhone, iPad, or other touch screen device while keeping your fingers toasty.
  • No acrylic!  Our gloves are 85% cotton, 7% spandex, and 8% conductive fiber.
  • Unlike similar gloves, each whole glove is conductive, not just the fingertips.
  • One size fits all, men and women.
  • Color: Black.


Terms & Conditions

  • Shipped within 48 Hours
  • Warranty: 30 days from the delivery date. If the gloves are not working or damaged, we will exchange them. No Refund.
  • Product brought to you by DealSurf Store. Call (845) 228-8748 for any questions.

Refund Policy:

  • We only refund a coupon if the merchant is not honoring the deal or if the merchant is giving you a hard time to redeem the coupon.
  • If the merchant goes out of business we will either issue a refund or give you a similar deal for the same value or more.

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