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The SPA Hilton Post Oak

Laser Lipo Sessions - $99 2 Laser Lipo Sessions by QuarterOff


Buy this exclusive Laser Lipo Sessions QuarterOFF Deal from The SPA Post Oak Hilton and harnesses the miraculous light of laser in a pair of fat-minimisation. Laser energy strives to release intracellular fat from the body in a painless and ingenious process that has no down time and plenty of motivation toward ones glowing goals. Dont struggle in the dark, flick the switch with todays QuarterOFF deal. Summary : * Laser Lipo is like ironing a shirt. * It irons off fat using RF and ultrasound frequencies. * Treatment is 30 min * Effectively used for body sculpting and fat loss. * Used for last 50 years. * Virtually no adverse side effects * very safe * Treatments are less than one hour long * Sessions are for an "area". Areas are: Stomach (includes abdomen, waist), Buttocks(hips), Thighs, Upper Arms, Upper Back (Bra Line area), Lower back (Love handles), Face, and Neck. Available Options : * $99 2 Laser Lipo Sessions * $139 3 Laser Lipo Sessions * $179 4 Laser Lipo Sessions THE SPA at the Hilton is not your typical day spa. THE SPA is a technologically advanced SMART SPA that does much more than provide pampering and rejuvenation and customize treatments to meet individual goals, long term as well as short term. website

The SPA Hilton Post Oak

2001 Post Oak Blvd Houston, TX 77056

Terms & Conditions

* No cash value.
* Not to be combined with any other offer.
* Does not include gratuity.
* Must schedule your appointment.

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