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$28 for a 3-Piece Press Dome Vacuum Seal Party Platter Set + Included Shipping ($40 Value) by Half Off Depot
Deal expired on 2014/01/26


If you could repurpose all the time you spend transferring food into plastic tupperware containers, you would have enough time to read 5 books, deep clean the house twice and learn a new language. Okay, so we might have made up the specifics, but really, you'd have a lot of extra time! See how much time you could save with this deal for a Press Dome Party Platter 3-Piece Set for only $28!
Just set the press dome on top of the plate, platter, pan, cutting boards or whatever else you have your food sitting on and press down on the center button to create a leak-proof vacuum seal that will help your food last for up to 3 times longer than with traditional storage methods. No need to waste time transferring the food to a totally separate container or waste money buying tons of disposable plastic bags, plastic wrap, foil and tupperware containers. You can also set it on top of prepared meals to keep them warm for up to an hour, or keep them fresh to eat later.
With this deal you'll get 2 press domes (one large an one small), plus a party platter.
Grab this deal now and starting thinking about what you'll do with all the time and money you save by using Press Domes!


Center Link Media

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Terms & Conditions

Set includes 2 Press Domes (One small, one large) + 1 party platter
This voucher has no cash value
Cannot be combined with other offers
Total voucher value must be used in 1 order
Valid for US Residents only
Shipping is included
Product will be automatically shipped to address entered at checkout within 2-4 weeks after purchase- no voucher redemption is necessary.

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