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iSatori GCB Lean 800 (Green Coffee Bean Extract + Raspberry Ketones) - Shipping Included by Half Off Depot
Deal expired on 2013/09/30


GCB Lean 800 is the newest miracle weight loss supplement to enter the market. It is derived from the extract of pure green coffee beans. Thousands of years ago, use of green coffee as a beverage has been known to humans. But its impact on weight loss has been studied only recently.

Green coffee bean extract was the subject a recent study publicized at the national meeting of American Chemical Society in San Diego. The study was conducted on 16 adults who were given green coffee extracts without altering their diet or exercise. After 22 weeks of study, these adults were discovered to have shed an average of 17 lbs., 10% body weight, and 4.4% of their overall fat.

One GCB Lean 800 capsule contains 800mg of pure green coffee bean extract and 100mg of raspberry ketones.

The main impact of GCB Lean 800 are: It regulates BMI (Body Mass Index), controls food cravings and appetite, and mainly reduces body weight to make one feel light and healthy.

The magic ingredient in GCB Lean 800 is the phytochemical Chlorogenic acid. It helps in reducing the discharge of glucose while enhancing metabolism. Both of these will help control fat in the body.

Chlorogenic acid slows the conversion of glucose into fat and raises body temperature, which helps to burn fat in a process called as thermogenesis. This process boosts energy in the body while reducing generation of fat cells.

The phytochemical in GCB Lean 800 also has other salutary properties. It helps control diabetes by controlling glucose and reducing body weight. In addition, Raspberry Ketone helps in fat loss by enabling fat cells to excrete their fatty acids.

GCB Lean 800 has been clinically proved as a safe and natural supplement to cause weight loss. It has not recorded any harmful side effects and it contains the freshest and purest green coffee bean extract.

GCB Lean 800 limits fat absorption and enhances fat burning, both of which are very effective for weight loss. Plus, Chlorogenic acid has a strong anti-oxidant properties. This helps to combat free radicals in the body which are responsible for disease and low life expectancy. It aids in circulation and even prevents cancer. Unlike regular coffee, GCB Lean 800 does not have stimulant effect. In fact, it lowers the blood pressure.

The history of green coffee dates back to thousands of years. Initially, it was consumed as a food or beverage. Then around 1000 AD, it came to be brewed as a drink by Ethiopians. After this, it came to be grown organically in the Arab peninsula where it took its form as a hot beverage.

The medicinal properties of coffee e specially green coffee came into light only in recent years. The anti-oxidant qualities of coffee is due to the presence of phenolic acids. The most prominent are Caffeic acid and Chlorogenic acid.

The regular brown coffee is the result of roasting and powdering of raw coffee beans. But roasting destroys the Chlorogenic acid. Therefore, the health benefits from green coffee are not found in regular coffee. Cafestol, which is found in regular coffee and is responsible for its typical flavor is not present in green coffee.

Content of caffeine in GCB Lean 800 is marginal compared to regular coffee. Hence, it might not act as a stimulant. In fact, some claim that it helps to reduce blood pressure in humans.

However, expectant and breast feeding mothers must use this product with caution due to the danger of causing hyper activity in infants. Also, those on prescription medicine like blood thinners and those with heart ailments must consult their doctor first before using this supplement. If you will find yourself in these situations, it is still best to talk to your doctor. In addition, the product must be kept out of the reach of children.

The best way to get quick results from GCB Lean 800 is to combine it with a program of balanced diet and regular exercise. Improper use will not produce results. It is still a good idea to consult an expert to have an effective diet and exercise program.


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