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Beautyko - Ear Wax Vac - Oct 2013

$12 for an As Seen on TV Ear Wax Vac Cordless Earwax Remover + free shipping included! by EverSave
Deal expired on 2013/10/31


***By purchasing this Save on Eversave.com, you are purchasing the actual product and not a voucher or coupon to redeem the product.

You will provide your shipping address during checkout on Eversave and your earwax vac will be automatically shipped to the address provided.

Friends, Eversavers, countrymen — lend me your ears. It's real talk time. Earwax is gross and too much leads to even grosser problems like ringing in the ears, infections and mild hearing loss. Get ready to wax poetic about today's Save from Beautyko.

Ear's the deal: An As Seen on TV Ear Wax Vac Cordless Earwax Remover for $12

Hear today: Gentle and efficient, the ear wax vac is safer than cotton swabs, which push dirt and wax back into the ears or even puncture eardrums. The vac's light suction draws moisture and particles out of the ears, leaving them clean and dry.

Earmarks of quality: Equipped with a bright examining light, the vac is quiet and cordless for maximum usability.

How can you Save? 
  1. Click "Buy Now."
  2. Enter your shipping information during Eversave checkout.
  3. The earwax vac will automatically ship to the address provided.
  4. Enjoy!

Beautyko - Ear Wax Vac - Oct 2013


  • 70% off an earwax removal vac
  • Safely and hygienically cleans ears
  • Gently draws out dirt and particles
  • Safer than cotton swabs
  • Cordless design with examining light
  • Free shipping included!

Terms & Conditions

  • May buy up to 3 Saves
  • Valid for an earwax removal vac
  • Free shipping is included; please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery
  • All sales final
  • Product will be automatically sent to shipping address provided during checkout on Eversave

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