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Extreme Pro Charger Kit by SoundLogic , Extreme Pro Charger Kit by SoundLogic by Pulse TV
Deal expired on 2015/03/17


This is the one solution for all of your charging needs!

This kit features a universal, portable, and chargeable power source which is designed for various mobile phones and other USB rechargeable products, such as ipod, iPhone, ANDROID, HTC, Nokia, Sony, PSP, etc.

Kit includes: Portable 2600 mAh Power Bank with Keychain, Micro USB Cable, 30pin USB Cable, 1A USB Car Charger, 1A USB Wall Charger, USB Extension Cable.

Plus, the Power Bank is precharged and ready-to-use!

To recharge the power bank attach via USB connection of your computer or other USB power source. Simply connect the Micro USB Cable to Micro USB Charging Port (Input DC Plug). The other end should be connected to your computer's USB Port or any other USB source. While charging the Power Bank unit a Red LED Light will illuminate, once it is fully charged the light will turn BLUE.

It's compact so that it fits in your pocket, purse, or briefcase for traveling purposes. And you can keep it protected with the bonus carrying pouch.

Keep your electronic devices charged up no matter where you are or where you're going.

- Recharges via USB connection
- Compatible with iPod, iPhone, ANDROID smart phones, and other USB rechargeable devices
- Portable 2600 mAh Power Bank with Keychain
- Micro USB Cable
- 30pin USB Cable
- 1A USB Car Charger
- 1A USB Wall Charger
- USB Extension Cable
- Includes Keychain
- Includes Bonus Carrying Pouch
- Includes Instruction Manual
- Available in Black, Green, Blue, and Pink (No Choice Available)

Technical Specs:
- 2600 mAh Battery
- DC input - 5v - 600mA
- DC output - 5v - 1000mA

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