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DZT Fitness

DZT ULTRA VIBE V7000 with Free Shipping for $679($2499 Value) - (Canada Shipment) by QuarterOff


IN AS LITTLE AS 10 MINUTES A DAY, THREE TIMES A WEEK THE DZT ULTRA VIBE WILL HELP YOU REACH YOUR FITNESS GOALS.... The DZT V7000 "Light Industrial" is for Home, Gym, Spa, or studio use. This Premier Whole Body Vibration unit is suitable for any home or spa application. This unit is Rock Solid and has the power and durability that you would expect from DZT Fitness. The DZT V7000 is designed and assembled in Canada and exceeds all North American safety standards. Solid, Durable, Very Quiet operation and provides the maximum power allowable in a Whole Body Vibration Machine. Specifications: * Frequency Settings: 0 - 30 Hz * Speed Range: 30 settings Programs: 8 * Recommended Daily use: Up to 4 hours or 15 users * Amplitude: 1 -12 mm * User Weight Capability: 175 kg - 385 lbs * Size: Height: 58 in Width: 28 in Depth: 25 in * Weight: 146 pounds * Platform Dimensions: 24 in x 12 in * Vibration Type: Pivotal * Certifications: CE, ISO 9001 and UL approval * Maximum Power: 2.00 hp * Warranty: 2 years * Free shipping across Canada and United States. * FAQ * REDEEM : Please redeem online at DZT Fitness using your QuarterOFF.com voucher code, 48 hours after your purchase. Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is proven technology that has been around for over 30 years. WBV is widely used by Fitness Studios, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Weight Loss Clinics thought North America & the world. WBV technology is also being used by many NHL, NFL, NBA, Olympic athletes and other elite sports teams around the world. The DZT Ultra Vibe Whole Body Vibration Machine is a unique form of Functional Whole Body Vibration that works on a patented ocillating platform. It is based on research undertaken within the Soviet Union to counter the problems of bone and muscle wasting encountered by Cosmonauts living in conditions of zero gravity. The technology was refined and was used by Soviet athletes to gain a competitive strength advantage over those outside the Eastern Block. Today Vibrational Fitness is used widely throughout Europe and North America. When standing on the rapidly vibrating platform the legs are alternatively rapidly vertically displaced, in a manner comparable to walking. The muscles of the leg, as in walking, then automatically dampen this vibration. By varying the frequency a variety of different whole-body benefits can be achieved. Muscles are stimulated by the Tonic Vibratory Reflex. A 10 minute session on the DZT Ultra Vibe is equivalent to a 60 minute workout with weights. Backed by proven benefits and our 2 Year Guarantee, you are assured RESULTS!! website

DZT Fitness

819 West First Street North Vancouver, BC V7P1A4

Terms & Conditions

* Unlimited Buys. Unlimited as gifts.
* $100 extra added for US Shipment.
* Please redeem online at http://dztultimatedeals.com/v7000-redeem-form/ using your QuarterOFF.com voucher code, 48 hours after your purchase.
* There is a 30 days refund policy if the item is not shipped. There is no refund once the item is shipped.
* Multiple vouchers purchased must be redeemed at once for a one time shipment.
* Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping after your redemption at DZT website.
* Free shipping across Canada and United States.
* The price is in USD.
* Not valid with other offers/discounts.
* Tax and shipping included

Refund Policy:

  • We only refund a coupon if the merchant is not honoring the deal or if the merchant is giving you a hard time to redeem the coupon.
  • If the merchant goes out of business we will either issue a refund or give you a similar deal for the same value or more.
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