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What's the Deal Box?

It is one MAGIC email address that we give you for FREE. This is the Master Key to all daily deal sites.

What can I do with this email?

1. Use this email when you purchase deals.

When you shop coupons on our partners' sites, use this magic email address to complete your purchase.

Your purchase will be stored and organized in your DealBox.

Each email will be forwarded to your personal email.

2. Use this email when our partner asks you to sign up.

When you are redirected to one of our partners, they often ask you or force you to sign up to their newsletter.

Use this magic email and you won't be receiving any of their newsletter in your personal mailbox. They will be in your DealBox for up 4 days.

What else?

  • Every email besides newsletter will be forwarded to your personal email.
  • You cannot send any emails from this email address.
  • You can only use this email address with our partners that you see on DealSurf.

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